AutoReturn Announces New Brand Identity to Reflect The Broader Set of Parking and Mobility Challenges It Now Solves

New company name, website and expanded set of product offerings signal the next chapter
in the company’s growth story elevating the full mobility experience

BOSTON- October 13, 2023AutoReturn, a leading SaaS vehicle towing management platform, has today announced a new brand identity, marked by a new corporate name: Autura, a new website and an expanded set of product offerings.

Autura’s mission is to alleviate the burden of the vehicle system worldwide, transforming the vehicle management ecosystem from a burden to an opportunity. Expanding upon its success modernizing towing and dispatch operations into a transparent and effective process powered by a software platform, Autura will solve several other challenges brought on by the burdens of necessity that vehicles create.

City leaders are increasingly coming to understand the costs of unmanaged streets and parking spots: congestion, pollution, reduced economic activity and poorer quality of life,” said Michael A. Nutter, former Mayor of Philadelphia, where the city has been using AutoReturn since 2018. “Municipal and county leaders need to deploy every tool in the toolbox to bring order to chaos. An automated towing management platform is a must-have for cities large and small who want to continue to grow, thrive and create a safe environment for their officers and citizens.”

Autura’s expanded set of offerings will relieve the pain of the parking experience, provide a comprehensive software platform for dealers to seamlessly manage vehicle inventory, sales and operations and enable smart city and community management with a software platform that provides easy access to crucial data and actionable insights for infrastructure services.

The whole vibration of economies can change depending on how cities manage mobility. From how easy it is to pay for parking, to how safe pedestrians feel in high velocity traffic areas, to the availability of bike lanes and other infrastructure, there are a number of things that cities can do to help themselves thrive,” said Craig Powell, CEO of Autura. “Everyone who manages yellow and white lines on pavement have the same issues, and Autura’s broader vision will help cities to be able to tackle a broader set of challenges to make mobility easy for consumers and in turn help their cities thrive.”

The Autura rebrand follows AutoReturn’s relocation of its international headquarters to Boston and expansion of its leadership team in April.



About Autura

For smart cities worldwide, Autura is a platform-based SaaS company that eases the burden of vehicle management. Its seamless, connected software platform is designed to enhance the quality of life by keeping people safe and vehicles moving – from parking and charging, to towing, storing or selling. Learn more at



Danielle Dougan for Autura