AutoReturn is now Autura

Autura is dedicated to elevating the mobility experience, keeping vehicles, people and communities moving safely.

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Autura Towing

Autura Towing, formerly AutoReturn, helps communities run smoothly by connecting law enforcement, towers and vehicle owners to keep roadways safe, clear and moving.

Autura Market

Autura Marketplace, formerly Joyride, makes it easy and safe to buy and sell unclaimed vehicles from the comfort of your home or office.

Autura Data

Autura Data offers insights into usage patterns, enforcement needs, and optimization opportunities, enabling smarter decision making.

Autura Parking

Autura Parking enhances lot management by optimizing space allocation and payment processing.

We experienced a transformation in San Francisco that fundamentally changed the way we think about towing.

Willie Brown

Former Mayor of San Francisco

Autura’s innovative tech & Baltimore Towing’s expertise make for a great partnership, boosting organization and efficiency in Baltimore County.

Sonny Appolonia

Baltimore Towing

For our 3,000 calls, we used to spend 5-7 minutes each entering data into multiple systems. Now, we spend only 1-2 minutes.

Council Meeting

City of Fort Worth, TX

Autura Stands Out

Our complete solution improves daily operations for law enforcement, government agencies, tow companies, and vehicle owners.

  • Safer Communities: Autura clears crash scenes faster, reducing secondary accidents by 30%, saving officers’ lives and keeping citizens safe.
  • Better Prioritization: Smoother dispatching processes enable the police to focus on more urgent matters.
  • Fewer calls: Autura’s smart dispatch makes communication between police and tow operators hassle-free.
Towed Vehicles
Vehicles Under Impound Management

40,000 Fewer Calls.
Las Vegas (26,000 annual tows) received fewer calls, resulting in 8 full-time employees shifting to other roles.

20% Revenue Increase.
Indianapolis (36,000 Tows/yr) impound auction solution eliminated event expenses and increased revenue.

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Autura works with Miami, San Francisco, Indianapolis and 25 others to help them unclog their cities and make them more productive for law enforcement, government officials and vehicle owners.